Home Ownership

Habitat for Humanity Southeast BC has constructed a combined total of twenty-one homes:

    • 2 in Greenwood
    • 12 in Grand Forks
    • 1 in Castlegar
    • 4 in Nelson
    • 1 in Cranbrook

The largest project to date was a 7 unit Multiplex built for developmentally disabled single men in Grand Forks.  Most recently we assisted Mennonite Disaster Services to replace a family home that was lost in the Rock Creek fire during the summer of 2015. This home was completed in August 2016, a year after the fire.

Our goal is to see 5 homes built per year within the Habitat Southeast BC service area. Building more homes is dependent on Chapters being formed in cities wanting to build habitat homes. The Chapters will undertake new builds with the help of volunteers, donations of materials and donated financial resources.

Habitat Homes are sold at fair market value (a hand up, not a hand out), with an interest free mortgage and a second mortgage available, and mortgage payments that do not exceed 30% of the homeowner’s income.

Requirements necessary for a successful application include all of the following:

  1. Need for decent, affordable housing;
  2. Ability to pay an interest free mortgage as well as property taxes, insurance, city water, sewer, garbage;
  3. Willingness to partner with Habitat in
    • 500 hours of volunteer work (sweat equity),
    • reporting annual income, and
    • providing proof of payment of taxes, city bills and insurance.

Habitat will provide homeowner education and the opportunity to get in “sweat equity” hours.


A Minimum annual income of $30,000 is required to pay the mortgage off in 35 years.

Habitat offers a no down payment, interest free mortgage to families whose income does not afford them a regular bank mortgage. Habitat uses current LICO (low income cut off) and B.C. Housing Income Limits (HILs) statistics to determine qualification.

SELECTION – Habitat families become active participants in building a better future for themselves and their communities. Habitat selects families who are proactive in partnering with habitat by honestly and openly communicating with Family Services Volunteers. To learn more about becoming a Habitat family call 778-632-0006, Habitat Southeast BC office For more information.